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Current Projects

We conduct artistic community events to ignite social justice dialogues among youth.

Latest Project

Women Breaking Barriers:

Global Women Heroes Project

As a response to the injustice that our communities face under the crippling effects of mass incarceration and gender inequality, ARTE has created the Global Women Heroes Project, which will serve as a message of creative and sustained resistance through community workshops, discussions a wall mural, discussions and organizing trainings.

“ARTE led a session that was both educational and empowering, where participants got to examine their hopes for the future and the tools and tactics they would use to achieve them, all depicted in a beautiful tree installation."

Charles Amuzie, New Organizing Institute

Latest Blog Post

Youth Workshops

What Students Gain from an ARTE Workshop

01: Human Rights

A greater knowledge of human rights issues in context around the world and in their communities.

03: Advocacy 101

An understanding of advocacy and organizing strategies.

05: Art Skills

Instruction in various art forms that caters to their skill level, fostering grown confidence in artistic ability and the use of creativity as a means of expression.

02: Meet Other Artists

An introduction to socially conscious artists who use their work to inspire awareness of human rights issues and to encourage change through advocacy.

04: Leadership

Opportunities to develop leadership skills and exercise their heightened global awareness.

06: Collaboration

Experience creating a collaborative public art piece that will encourage community engagement on a chosen human rights topic.

Types of Youth Workshops

Single Session

(90 minutes – 4 hours)

Participants receive a basic introduction to international human rights, including a review of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. After reviewing the work of ground-breaking contemporary artists, students complete a simple, collaborative art project that encourages them to reflect on and employ their new knowledge. Longer workshops can be split into two sessions. 

Full-day Workshop 

(4-8 hours)

After receiving an overview of human rights, participants explore a particular human rights topic in further depth through interactive, arts-based activities. This focus, such as gender equality or immigrants’ rights, is determined in advance to be relevant to the students and their communities and/or current events. Participants end the session by creating a collaborative art project and brainstorming future advocacy.

Weekly Session 

(6-8 weeks)

A great option for community organizations or after school programs, students participate in creative projects that build consecutively on a predetermined human rights issue. In addition to individual pieces, together they plan and create a collaborative art piece that imparts a message to the viewer about the chosen human rights topic and brainstorm ways of engaging community around it.

Semester Session 

(3-6 months)

This program, typically completed in partnership with schools, leads students through an overview of international human rights through and public art techniques. Students then determine which issue(s) they would like to focus on in their large-scale collaborative art project. Students discuss advocacy, outreach, and human rights campaigns and learn how to engage their communities.

Full-year Session 

(9-12 months)

The full-year program builds upon the semester session by allowing students more time to develop their ideas into a more permanent public arts project, such as a mural or an interactive installation. Students use their outreach and activism skills to plan a community event and encourage folks to take action on their chosen human rights topic.

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