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Women’s Rights and Gender Justice


A non-profit helmed by women, ARTE is committed to intersectionally feminist praxis—acknowledgment of how identity-based disadvantages compound with race, ability, socioeconomic background, gender assigned at birth, religious affiliation, education, and more. Our Global Women Heroes mural exemplifies how leaders of the gender justice movement come from past and present, near and far; our most recent workshop at Rikers interrogated issues of toxic masculinity.

By the numbers: in 2019, the wage gap persisted women earned an average on 80 cents on the dollar earned by male counterparts (with 85 cents for Asian women, 77 cents for white women, 61 cents for black women, 58 cents for Native American women, and 53 cents for Hispanic/Latinx women);  20 states have laws on the books which would to ban abortion if Roe v. Wade is overturned; women of color are three times more likely to die of pregnancy-related causes than white women in the US.


For global statistics, check out the World Health Organization on gender, equity, and human rights.

Get to know the small selection of artists and activists that fight for gender equality across the globe, from the United States to India, to Afghanistan and back. Tag us in your own gender justice artwork on instagram, facebook or twitter!




































Check out ARTE's mural on gender:










TRAPPED (documentary)

The Hunting Ground (documentary)

American Revolutionary: Grace Lee Boggs (documentary)


"Goodbye, Women’s History Month. Here Are 15 Women We Shouldn’t Forget." by Sharon Attia

“How State Laws have Limited Abortion Access in 2019” by K.K. Rebecca Lai

Tarana Burke’s #MeToo movement and its representational impact

Violence Against the Trans Community in 2019 by Human Rights Council 


Time’s Up

The UN’s GirlUp​ Initiative

Get involved with Trans Student Educational Resources



The Unapologetically Brown Series, Street Poster

p22 Saffaa 2

Ms Saffaa, I Am My Own Guardian


Leena Kerjriwal, M.I.S.S.I.N.G.

Shamsia work 8

Shamsia Hassani, Untitled


Sydney G. James, part of "Appropriated Not Appreciated" series


Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, Do The Work to Unlearn Your Sexism


Global Women Heroes

Screen Shot 2019-06-17 at 1.59.15 PM

Prison is a Feminist Issue

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