Youth Voices Lead

Youth Artivist Training Program

Application Deadline: Tuesday, August 24, 2021 at 11:59 pm ET.

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Program Description: 

Youth Voices Lead is a digital community training program for youth organizers (ages 15-18) to strengthen their human rights knowledge and artistic tools and discover how to take action for racial justice change. In this program, you will: 

  • Learn about artivist principles (the intersection of art and activism); 

  • Learn how to create artwork for self-expression and digital content for social change;

  • Meet other incredible youth from across New York City and build a community of young organizers and leaders;

  • Be exposed to artivists working on human rights issues;

  • Experience and learn how to lead activities to raise awareness and action on a racial justice issue in your community; 

  • Participate in a cumulative project to share your newly-learned community teachings and tools for activism; 

  • Receive a stipend of at least $200 to honor your labor.

As of right now, Youth Voices Lead will primarily take place virtually, with the possibility of an in-person component. We are currently only seeking applicants who reside in New York.


The training program will start the week of September 13th and end the week of December 6th. Participants will be expected to attend 10, two-hour weekly sessions on Wednesdays from 4-6pm ET and two final project rehearsals, leading up to the final community event on December 10th.


Read what participants in Youth Voices Lead's first cohort (Jan-April 2020) have to say about the program!

“I really liked how everyone was so involved! I felt like I truly belonged.”

“I will absolutely use this experience in the future! The knowledge I've gained and topics I've learned has opened my eyes on issues I would usually overlook because I felt like there could be nothing done. That mindset however, was wrong and it's because of ARTE that I realized this. Everything I do matters.”

“It’s important to realize that although you may not always consider yourself an activist, you may have a way to make a positive difference in the world and it’s good to use that.”

“During my time with Youth Voices Lead, I have learned how to work with others to create art, action, and knowledge. This program helped me foster my own creativity, work with the creative energy of others, and, together, build something that we are all proud of and that others can benefit from. I was able to make friends and comrades; the people I have met here are peers who I feel that I can depend on in the future and who I would be thrilled to work with in the future.”

If you are an adult who works with young people,
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Right now, we are prioritizing youth in New York, but stay in touch here, if you are a youth interested in the next national and international Youth Voices Lead!