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We believe that while the pandemic will not last forever, the effects of COVID-19 will. This begs the question, how will we continue to interact with one another in a post-COVID-19 world? Will we use this opportunity to disrupt current oppressive systems and create ones of compassion, justice, and mutual aid and understanding? At ARTE, we believe we have no other choice but to move forward and create a more just world, the New Normal.

The arts are one way that we can envision a new world, particularly one that no longer has unjust systems of incarceration and detention. As inspiration, artist Paige Adamczak created two zines about how COVID-19 affects people directly impacted by the mass incarceration and detention systems. 

We invite you to create artwork addressing the prompt, "What does a world without incarceration look like?" If you would like to share your artwork with us, please tag us on Instagram or Twitter using @artejustice, use the hashtag #WorldWithoutIncarceration, or email us at We'll choose some of our favorite pieces to highlight here in this digital gallery space. 

Also, please support the incredible work of Survived & Punished NY. Here you can explore their #FreeThemAll artwork gallery. Please follow them on Twitter and Facebook at @SurvivePunishNY and amplify them in any way you can.

#WorldWithoutIncarceration #FreeThemAll


To learn more about how to create zines, click here

To order custom artwork from Paige, click here

All artwork owned by artist Paige Adamczak.

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