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Junior Board

ARTE's Junior Board is a team of talented, driven youth who are dedicated to making change in their communities and leading the next generation of young activists to the frontline of human rights change.

Mission Statement

Education serves as a key to positive change in our society. The Junior Board aims to equip young people with the tools they need to grow into the leaders of our future. Many lack access to educational resources, and the conventional curricula that we young people are exposed to fail to teach the perspectives of historically marginalized communities. For us as young people, it is imperative that we uplift underrepresented voices, enabling youth to explore and engage with the issues that matter to them through an artistic lens. Our goal is to support the journey of young activists, artists, and changemakers by providing educational opportunities and fostering holistic learning environments.

Meet the Junior Board!


Felecia (she/her)—My name is Felecia. I was born in Jamaica, but currently live in the Bronx. I attend high school in Queens, and I hope to graduate with my associates degree in the year 2023. I am interested in the arts, I love to draw and paint, especially when listening to music. My music genres/playlists are like my emotions, all over the place.


My career path is yet to be determined, therefore I prioritize career explorations. I want to do something to makes me happy, but so helps others and help to create the change I want to see in the world. I have had the opportunity to intern at the Met museum and be apart of ARTE's Youth Voices Lead Program.

In recent months, I have also been able to build relationships and develop my skills not only as an artist, but as a student that has lead to many beautiful artworks and words and those are my proud accomplishments. My hope is to continue my journey and to have meaningful experiences that shapes me into a person I look forward to meeting and being.

Joy (she/her)—Hi! I'm Joy and I am currently a freshmen interested in pursuing finance and data analytics fields. My experience with ARTE's Youth Voices Lead program propelled me to learn more about social justice and how I can advocate for issues that I care about. I hope to focus on how I can advocate for these issues through both my academic interests and my personal interest in art. In my free time, I like to journal, watch shows, and hang out with my friends!


Lydia (they/them)—Hello, I’m Lydia Luo (they/them). I am currently a senior majoring in art. I have been pursuing the arts for 8 years and hope to continue to do so. I have been in galleries to display my works, won awards like the Scholastic Art and Writing Award, and have published my creative writing.


Advocacy and activism are a part of me just as much as art is. Through my high school career, I have attended protests, raised over 10k for UNICEF and other charities, and even something as small as sharing helpful social media posts. I hope to combine my passions and continue my endeavors through ARTE with others. I want to change the world for the better. With art and activism, we are able to create a positive difference. I cannot wait to work with my board to share our purpose.

Patricia (she/her)—Hi! My name is Patricia. In school, my favorite subjects are AP US History, Latin, and Mandarin Chinese. In my free time, I can be found in the library or the art studio, where I enjoy practicing calligraphy and blockprinting. Outside of school, I swim everyday, dive, practice taekwondo, and recently I started playing the violin.

Prabhjot (she/her)—My name is Prabhjot and I am a senior in high school. Some of my interests and passions include watercolor painting, reading graphic novels, and traveling I am a writer for my school newspaper, and I really enjoy journaling as well. I also enjoy drawing in my spare time. I hope to work with ARTE to help create a more just and inclusive world through the power of art and creativity.

reese—hi, i’m therese chu (reese). I am currently a senior at high school in the Bay Area, an abolitionist, and a revolutionary. I love working with ARTE and am passionate about education, liberation, and justice. I enjoy journalism, graphic design, doodling, and have a massive addiction to boba. I love eating, Marvel, and Taylor Swift as well as enjoy music through piano, composition, writing, voice, and instrumental. I hope to continue my journey of educating myself and others through the power of art and resistance. 


Salma (she/her)—Hello! My name is Salma. I'm a junior in high school. I was a former participant in Youth Voices Lead. I'm part of a music club as well as a community club where we host food drives, clothing drives, fundraisers and other things to help people in need and improve our community. I love to draw! And in the future i hope to continue to make a change in my community and also use my art to advocate social justice and issues that matter to me.

Shreeya (she/her)—Hello! I'm a current Senior in high school, I'm passionate about drawing and I love to see different art styles and mediums etched across New York!

Zaara (she/her)—I am a highschool student who is very passionate about human rights. I am interested in reading writing biology and art. I am in debate model Un and mock trial. I work in the Central Park zoo on the weekends. I am published in research and I am now able to say that I have read 250 books. Fun fact is that I have twin who’s name rhymes with my name.

Interest Form

If you are interested in learning more about the Junior Board, receiving updates on their work, and being notified when they announce their upcoming art contest, please fill out the form below! 

Thanks for submitting!

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