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Mental health is a human right. ARTE has always been dedicated to upholding this truth in our work, but given the increasingly harmful mental health and human rights violations in the U.S. and around the world, we are taking action to extend our resources and support to our community and hold space for those impacted.


ARTEXHALE is a month-long, arts-based mental health initiative. Through this project, we hope to inspire community members to have conversations about mental health, engage intentionally in their own daily mental health education, and consider how to develop a more mindful relationship with mental health as (a human right) in their personal lives. 


Several times a week for a month, we aim to introduce community members to a diverse set of tools to deepen their understanding of mental health as a human right. We hope, through this initiative, that you find the opportunity to learn, engage, and exhale. 

The two calendars below summarize everything shared during ARTEXHALE (which lives on our Instagram—go check it out!). These images don't have clickable links, so you can access versions with clickable links here: WEEKS 1-2 / WEEKS 3-4

ARTEXHALE Calendar.png
ARTEXHALE December Calendar.png
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