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Women Breaking Barriers: Global Women Heroes Project

Art and Resistance Through Education (ARTE) engages young people to amplify their voices and organize for human rights change through the visual arts. ARTE’s innovative human rights programming and arts-centered mission takes place in schools, community­-based organizations, and jails. Programs frequently culminate in participatory, public arts projects.

First, ARTE educates youth on human rights and equips them with the knowledge to identify the root causes of systemic inequity. Second, ARTE provides participants with a space to create, learn about, and express their own experiences around human rights through the visual arts. Finally, ARTE equips youth with organizing skills that enable them to collectively activate others in steering society towards justice.


Support is needed to complete the remaining two phases of this project in the following ways:

1. Financial Support: 

  • Mural implementation (quality paint supplies along with effective cleaning and protective materials)

  • Production of mural unveiling and community celebration

  • Donations can be made directly here or through ARTE's Contribute page here. 

2. Wall Space: 

  • A wall space which is alignment with the needs of the local community, as we hope to integrate local members with the painting itself and its follow-up panels.

  • East or West Harlem communities preferred

  • Please email us if you know of a community space for the project or complete this survey here.

3. Spread the Word: 

  • Publicize the events associated with the project via website & social media platforms (share this blog and download your own set of Global Women Heroes posters here!)

  • Post flyers on the project in your community (flyer to help locate a wall space available here). 

  • Include events / information in your newsletter/mailings (sign-up for our newsletter here!)

  • Become a sponsor for the project (email us!)

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