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#ImmigrationRightsMural Unveiling

Last week, ARTE, in collaboration with Art for Change and students from the High School for Arts, Imagination and Inquiry participated in a unveiling of their #ImmigrationRightsMural. Students were joined by family members, a representative of the Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs, and immigrant rights activist, Adriana Escandón. 

Below are some pictures of the event, courtesy of photographer Corey Torpie and a poem from Sierra Davis, one of the inspiring ARTE participants involved in the mural project. 


We all come from different places

With different races

And different faces

Our ancestors fought

For us to occupy the same spaces

 American is a word 

We all take under our wing

A word of all the different cultures

People all over the world bring

Even though we accept this word

As a way to describe us

Keeping it in no way

Is the only way to define us

Even being born in this country

Doesn’t change the differences in the blood

That runs through our veins

Yet that shouldn’t allow for us 

Not to be treated one and the same

We breath the same fair

Occupy the same space

Still we continue to be oppressed

Because our race

And the people who oppress us

No one seems to remember

That their ancestors

Were once the foreigners together 

How we became the week, despite our numbers

I’ll never understand

Maybe it was the way they presented 

themselves or the guns in their hands

So thank God for the ones

Who refused to bow down

Beg for their lives or be pushed around 

Cause without them where would we be?

Tending the fields? Hiding in trees?

Yet I’m glad to say

That the youth have risen

To stay off the battlefield

And out of the kitchen

Not originally our battle

But we’ve taken the cause

Used our paintbrushes and smartphones

To not go back to the way America once was. 

-Sierra Davis, 2015 

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