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Development Associate

ARTE is no longer accepting applications for this position, thank you!

Organization Background:


Art and Resistance Through Education (ARTE) is an innovative organization that uses art, design, and technology to amplify the voices of young people and foster leadership opportunities. ARTE encourages youth to develop creative solutions to and raise awareness of local and global human rights challenges. For its efforts in the fields of human rights and the visual arts, ARTE has received both local and international publicity and recognition.


Job Description:

ARTE is seeking a fundraising generalist with experience building and maintaining systems for both institutional and individual donors. The Development Associate will be able to understand and articulate the mission and goals of the organization in collaboration with ARTE’s team in order to best present them in fundraising proposals. The Development Associate will provide strategic development support to the Program Director and Executive Director and assist in building sustainable fundraising systems. 


The Development Associate’s work will focus on both institutional and individual fundraising:


Institutional Fundraising: 


Institutional support is critical to ARTE’s operations; currently 50% of our funding comes from grant-making institutions. We seek to systematize this funding stream in the following ways: 


Build and Maintain a Grants Database:

  • Work with the Program Director to develop an internal database of grants. The database (of at least 50 grants) should categorize grants by relevant themes, deadlines, and other application information for future grant-writing purposes. 

  • Maintain a list of upcoming (6-8 weeks in advance) development opportunities through a weekly review of fundraising newsletters, databases (e.g. Foundation Center), and other funding resources.


Grant-Writing Support: 

  • Build a grant-writing template to be used for future grant-writing opportunities. 

  • Work with ARTE's leadership to draft fundraising collateral (i.e. letters of inquiry, grant proposals), of at least 2 per month. 


Institutional Fundraising: 


Individual Donors: 

  • Assist the Executive Director and Board of Directors to develop strategies for fundraising opportunities for individual donors (i.e., fundraising parties, mural tours, ARTE wall calendar, and t-shirt sales) to generate revenue for the organization. 

  • Manage online fundraising campaigns and tools, in partnership with ARTE’s Social Media Manager, including the execution of an annual campaign. 


Other Duties:


  • Gather content and oversee evaluations of ARTE’s work for inclusion in proposals, promotional materials, and (internal and external) reports. 

  • Assist the Executive Director in reporting quarterly on fundraising initiatives (e.g. number of grants completed) to the ARTE Board of Directors. 

​Who Are You?

Background and Experience:


Individuals of all backgrounds and educational experiences (both formal and informal) are encouraged to apply. 


  • A bachelor's degree (preferably master’s but not required) and/or the equivalent combination of education, training and experience. Candidates will preferably have some nonprofit experience, but should definitely have a background in fundraising, grant-writing, development, etc. 

  • Must possess a strong interest in amplifying social justice, advocating for human rights and arts education, and demonstrated communication and collaboration skills.  

  • Formerly incarcerated community members and/or those directly impacted by the mass incarceration system are strongly encouraged to apply.

  • Applicants based in New York City are preferred (we require that anyone working in-person be fully vaccinated and boosted).

  • Applicants should be flexible and be willing to work with a mostly remote team within a small, but mighty grassroots nonprofit organization. 


  • The Development Associate will work no more than 10 hours per week, including any workshops or events they may attend, and will be compensated $10,000 for the duration of a 10-month contract (Late September / October 2023 through July 2024). 

  • The Development Associate will be responsible for the payment of all taxes incurred directly to the IRS. 

  • ARTE understands that this is not a full-time position and will work with the Development Associate to determine what is an appropriate and manageable list of deliverables for the duration of the contract. 

  • ARTE hopes to fulfill this position by the end of September 2023.

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