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Board of Directors

ARTE is seeking new members to join our Board of Directors!

Art and Resistance Through Education (ARTE) is a grassroots non-profit organization that works to amplify the voices of young people for human rights change through the visual arts. Incorporated in 2016 in New York state, ARTE encourages youth to develop creative solutions to and raise awareness of local and global human rights challenges in schools, jails, and in community organizations. For more information on our work, please visit:


To continue our mission to amplify youth voices and engage them in meaningful social change and to lead the organization’s vision, ARTE is recruiting new members for our Board of Directors. As part of this work, we are looking for individuals with integrity and humility who are: 


  • Willing to prioritize young people, their agency, stories, and needs at the forefront of our organization; 

  • Able to support and co-create with ARTE’s emerging Junior Board, a youth board of leaders ages 14-21 years old. 

  • Able to commit to serving for at least one year, but open to serving for more;

  • Available to attend up to 5 board meetings annually - for now via Zoom - and commitment to participate in committee meetings, one-off events, and other board activities as needed

  • Able to provide specialized expertise to the organization by serving on at least one committee each year 

  • Are committed to fundraising for the organization, either through their networks or own personal commitment, aiming around $1,000 each year.  We understand that fundraising can make people nervous, but please don’t let this stop you from applying.

  • Available to serve as an Ambassador for the organization both in raising resources, but also attending events and supporting our community initiatives; 

  • Coming to the board with a learning lens, and contribute to the best of their ability;

  • Sharing ARTE’s social justice values, including, but not limited to #BlackLivesMatter.


We recognize that individuals come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. We invite individuals from all different parts of their social justice journeys who are strong leaders and passionate about this work. As we further build our Board of Directors, we are balancing the need to continue to grow and sustain our developing organization, along with individuals who have strong, bold ideas and are able to execute them in community with others. 

Board membership is a voluntary position. We’re inviting anyone interested in this role to attend one of two information sessions before applying.  These sessions will be a chance to meet the board, familiarize yourself with ARTE’s work and philosophies, learn more about what it means to be on the board, and have your questions answered.  


Please sign up for an info session will be held on Sunday, September 10 at 9:00am PT / 12:00pm ET OR Thursday, September 14 at 4:00pm PT / 7:00pm ET.  Once you have participated in an info session, an application form will be sent to you.


If you have any questions, please reach out to ARTE Board Member  You will be contacted by September 21 for an interview.  Apologies that we’re unable to follow up with each applicant.

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