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#MentalHealthIsAHumanRight and we hear our youth loud and clear.


That's why ARTE is excited to launch a new, weekly mental health social media initiative! This initiative, #ARTEXHALE, will open conversations on mental health and its role in artmaking and activism. Through #ARTEXHALE, we will discuss mental health tips and meme culture, spotlight artists who focus on mental health, and share quotes, art-making prompts, and resources. Look out for new #ARTEXHALE social media posts every Friday to join an uplifting campaign of community-building to positively encourage all of us to continue in our social justice journeys.

How can I get involved?

Starting Friday, September 10, ARTE will post a weekly prompt aimed to get you, our young leaders, thinking about mental health and making cool art. Before the fall semester is over, we will collect all of the submitted artwork and showcase the pieces on social media and here on our website. In addition to having their art publicized, community members who submit their work will receive other rewards and resources, TBA! See the first two prompts below:


Friday, September 10: What does your self-care look like? Create and/or submit an original artwork inspired by your self-care practice. If you don’t have one yet, create an artwork of what it could look like, or anything that makes you feel healthy!

Friday, October 8: Our communities provide us with support and healing. We want to see your communities! Create a piece of art inspired by your community that encourages wellness.

Friday, October 22: How do we match our personal capacities with the passion to make social change? It’s different for everyone. As the semester begins to close, the question of how I can still be an advocate for human rights while being responsible for my health and obligations can be tough to answer, and that’s okay! Being honest about what you can do and making your best effort is enough. Create an artwork inspired by how you might make an impact for social change during this school year.

Submit your artwork using the button below or post your work on social media using the hashtag #ARTEXHALE and we'll find you!

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