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Inaugural ARTE Club begins at Boston High School

This past week, ARTE Intern and Club Leader, Michael Helou facilitated the first ARTE club meeting at Arlington High School near Boston, Massachusetts. As a kick-off to the year-long club program, Michael organized his peers in educating themselves about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights through a set of interactive art-based activities. One such activity included participants envisioning themselves as the leadership of their own countries, where they were forced to choose only a few rights to enact in their own country. Michael notes that the new club members found it a difficult task to decide which of the human rights would be reinforced in their countries, as they had learned that all rights are necessary to ensure a just, free, and equal society. The club was also joined by a visiting guest speaker, Jennifer Stiles, who helped provide context to human rights and how they became drafted into the Universal Declaration of Human Rights at the United Nations in 1948. During the school-wide club fair, Michael recruited members, providing instances of human rights challenges around the world, but also in the United States. We can’t wait to share with you future updates on the club and congratulations to Michael for a successful inaugural meeting!

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