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Jesús Estrada-Martinez (They/Them) is the Program Assistant at Art and Resistance Through Education (ARTE). Jesús recently graduated from Harvard, where they received a B.A. in Ethnic Studies and an M.Ed. in History Education and Art Education. As an Undocumented, Queer, and Latinx individual, Ethnic Studies offered Jesús a learning experience diverging from the coloniality that defined their K-12 education. Consequently, Jesús hopes to bring Ethnic Studies and the arts to community spaces, where youth can grow, heal, learn, critique, and commune by sharing the stories of the marginalized, oppressed, and colonized. Jesús believes that a decolonized future requires youth that are both critical and creative--compelling Jesús to be both an educator and artist of Ethnic Studies.

One of Jesús's favorite art pieces is "Homoland Security" by Julio Salgado.


Homoland Security (2013)

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