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Felecia (she/her)—My name is Felecia. I was born in Jamaica, but currently live in the Bronx. I attend high school in Queens, and I hope to graduate with my associates degree in the year 2023. I am interested in the arts, I love to draw and paint, especially when listening to music. My music genres/playlists are like my emotions, all over the place. My career path is yet to be determined, therefore I prioritize career explorations. I want to do something to makes me happy, but so helps others and help to create the change I want to see in the world. I have had the opportunity to intern at the Met museum and be apart of ARTE's Youth Voices Lead Program. In recent months, I have also been able to build relationships and develop my skills not only as an artist, but as a student that has lead to many beautiful artworks and words and those are my proud accomplishments. My hope is to continue my journey and to have meaningful experiences that shapes me into a person I look forward to meeting and being.

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