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Workshop Facilitator

ARTE is no longer accepting applications for this position, thank you!

Organization Background:


Art and Resistance Through Education (ARTE) is an innovative organization that uses art, design, and technology to amplify the voices of young people and foster leadership opportunities. ARTE encourages youth to develop creative solutions to and raise awareness of local and global human rights challenges. For its efforts in the fields of human rights and the visual arts, ARTE has received both local and international publicity and recognition.


Job Description:


In Fall 2023 and onwards, we will continue our work to empower the New York City community by providing educational and arts-based programming around human rights, social justice, and abolition. ARTE Workshop Facilitators will work to create and articulate the mission and goals of the organization, primarily by facilitating single session and day-long workshops:


Single Session Workshop (90 min—4 hours): Participants receive a basic introduction to international human rights, including a review of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. After reviewing the work of ground-breaking contemporary artists, participants will complete a simple, collaborative art project that encourages them to reflect on and employ their new knowledge. Longer workshops can be split into two sessions. 


Day-Long Workshop (4—8 hours): After receiving an overview of human rights, participants explore a particular human rights topic in further depth through interactive, arts-based activities. This focus, such as gender equality, mass incarceration, or immigrant rights, is determined in advance to be relevant to the participants and their communities and/or current events. Participants end the session by creating a collaborative art project and brainstorming future advocacy.


Some of the Workshop Facilitator’s work includes: 

Workshop Facilitation + Program Implementation (50%):


  • Serve as the primary/lead facilitator for an ARTE workshop session;

  • Work with the ARTE team to help conduct outreach and recruitment of students, as necessary; 

  • Incorporate information and techniques from supplemental trainings into workshop curriculum;

  • Procure workshop materials, including art supplies and snacks for students, if necessary (ARTE will compensate facilitators for all workshop-related purchases).


Student Support + Curriculum Development (40%):


  • Meet with the Program Director and Executive Director before the workshop to solidify the curriculum and brainstorm ways to best support students; 

  • Meet with the Program Director and Executive Director after the workshop to debrief, share information and documents, discuss successes and challenges, and provide suggestions for future workshops. 


Documentation / Organization (10%): 


  • Take student attendance and information at the beginning of the workshop; 

  • Photograph and/or collect student artwork (with permission) to return to the ARTE team;

  • Provide the Program Director with information (e.g. summaries, photos, etc.) for end-of-year publication (i.e. Annual Report) and internal use;

  • Provide the Social Media Manager with information (e.g. summaries, photos, etc.) for social media outreach; 

  • Ensure that pre- and post-workshop evaluations are completed on a timely basis; 

​Knowledge and Skills:

We acknowledge that not every candidate will possess every set of skills, however if you still think you might be a good fit, please apply: 


  • Direct experience teaching and/or leading workshops with young people;

  • Direct experience within the visual arts, preferably with young people;  

  • An understanding and familiarity with the needs and support necessary for community members directly impacted by the criminal (in)justice system; 

  • Purpose-driven, highly organized, and self-sufficient;

  • Demonstrated communication and collaboration skills;

  • Sense of humor and creativity;

  • Flexibility in understanding and working with a small, grassroots organization;

  • Humility, kindness, patience, and compassion, along with a passion for social justice.


  • ARTE aims to build a community of facilitators to call upon on an as-needed basis. If our missions align, you will be considered a part of the ARTE facilitator network and contacted when a paid workshop opportunity arises. 

  • Compensation: Facilitators will be compensated $60 for every hour of in-person workshop facilitation and $30 for every hour of (non-facilitation) preparation work. (Workshops are typically 90 minutes and require two hours of prep.)

  • Training: New facilitators are required to attend a paid, full-day, in-person orientation session (date and time TBD). Each facilitator will be compensated $250 for their participation in this training, regardless of how many future workshops they lead. 

  • Candidates should already be fingerprinted and have received background checks by the Department of Education or be prepared to have them prior to leading any programming with students in the NYC DOE (fingerprinting costs will be reimbursed by ARTE). 

  • Formerly incarcerated community members and/or those directly impacted by the mass incarceration system are strongly encouraged to apply.

  • Facilitators must be at least 18 years of age at the time of applying.

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